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2 years ago

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I have my sexy friend a few years ago, we started really suggestive texts to each other - just friends for a few years before, although I thought that the donkey of him. joy69 Is actually experienced in the world of swinging, and I have made a text that was for them - despite their pants in fear of me. I started slowly, I left the office for lunch and took me to a " place" known. Was carried out on the lawn, and started giving a blowjob, I felt amazing to know the fresh air in our bodies and that someone might see us at any time. He insisted that my clothes, my black silk underwear, I was so nervous - but I had to do. He said he started touching me, I was, how wet I had become a shock, but I was so, so hot that I could not stop. I was starting to lose if someone told me that he saw - I was like a scared rabbit. He stroked my hair and said he was well, in fact, he said, he is very handsome - Do You Love that I love you ? I joy69 was so terified, but the thought of this man with his cock masturbates on the vision of us that was more than fear stopped me. , I whispered, "yes. " This type of about 40 came and sat beside us, was also evident in the way of this particular area. He experienced was so friendly, polite and asked before playing ! He has me very well. My friend gave him a condom and while joy69 I was on all fours sucking my friends ' cock hard, relieved that the joy69 big cock in my wet pussy despair, pain. The two of them took me to heaven and joy69 back, where I turn. lick and fuck me and let me cum again and again, the climax (so to speak ) was our new friend my friends lick my pussy cum -. Oh, my God, so hot just thinking about it my ​​friend is bi and that was our friend, and I loved the sight of them masturbate each other as well. My friend went to lickclit licking my balls as these guys he fucked me. A perfect trio ! We met him a few times after that, and it was joy69 a great introduction to swinging / dogging. Of this I have to be tied up and fucked in the Advanced Dungeons swingers clubs and loves to bend over a huge bed and fucked joy69 chameleons repeatedly by many eager cocks. very happy to have met these texts naughty! If anyone out there wants to try swinging, but very nervous - give it a try, after that blew my mind !

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